I acquired this 1957 Shepherd Junior 15 boat in October 2017.
It was in such rough shape. It was almost too much to bring her back. However, this has been a very enjoyable project and I am very pleased with the final result.

I started the restoration in August 2018 and started the project by removing the windshield, interior, motor and all the hardware.

I then flipped the boat over and began removing the bottom and transom. As I expected, it needed almost everything redone and I proceeded to replace the transom, bottom frames, chines and keel.


At the end of the fall I was able to finish the bottom, so when I brought the boat to my new shop in May 2019 I was able to paint it and complete that stage. I then proceeded to continue with the hull sides and deck. 

Over the balance of the year and completing other customer projects,  I didn’t begin to work on the finishing of the hull and decks till that winter. I also re-designed the floor with grates and flooring to match the deck as well as the forward seat. 

I re-wired and re-installed hardware in the boat in May 2020. After installing the motor,  I water tested her and was very pleased with the final result.



IMG_4651 G.jpg